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Healing is non-linear and so is our arrival because we continue to arrive over and over again until our bodies and lives feel more like home.  


Victoria Emanuela

Your Divine Light Sanctuary is found within. 


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I completed the Breakthrough Program, and with so many burdens and a lot of guilt lifted from me, I immediately signed up for the Evolution Program. I had my follow-up with my physician. He was overwhelmed with my progress and even more shocked when I told him I never increased my medication from the previous visit. He obviously took Katie Lacenere's phone number and email for his other patients.
Katie is attentive, compassionate and profoundly knowledgeable in her profession. I am grateful that I took the "Road Less Traveled,” rather than traditional therapy and medications. Katie has given me so many techniques and skills for my daily life. I reach for a pen now, not a pill. I now have a positive perspective on life and my future.

Allow me to facilitate your healing process and hold space for you,

as you return to your natural state of health/wellness.

Your Path to Healing

Starts Here.


Phone: 512-710-5111



If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911

or text HOME to 741741

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